TMAC-Tintenmanufaktur Aachen.

“If you have made your hobby a profession, it does not feel like working, even if it is very exhausting and time-consuming” Peter Hilgers

In part many day sessions, I create tattoos in the studio in realistic or anime style, as you can see them under “Gallery”. It is worked exclusively by appointment and the engraving dates are usually assigned 3 times a year for 4 months each. The exact planning and elaboration also takes place only at the appointments. If you have any questions about the feasibility, effort, etc., you can of course always write an email and receive in advance all the necessary information regarding the framework.

what i do




about me

Hey, my name is Peter Hilgers and for 10 years I can consider myself lucky to be a tattoo artist.

Over the years I have specialized in the styles Realistic and Anime and of course try to put my own touch to get a certain recognition value. I am really thankful that I am allowed to engrave so many exciting projects, which inspire me not only visually but also thematically. If I had been told at the beginning in which direction it would develop, I probably would not have really believed it.

In the video below you can find some more information about me and my studio.

peter hilgers

Owner & Tattoo Artist